SeaRates Updates - Week 22, 2020

If you missed – we recommend looking on updates for the previous week.

45' High Cube Container

We added a 45-foot container type to the Marketplace. Standard 45’ Containers are manufactured with one set of double doors on one end of the container and are generally ideal to transport voluminous cargo such as furniture, cotton, tobacco, rather than heavy cargo. High Cube containers are manufactured 1 foot taller than a standard height container to accommodate over-height cargo. Now you can choose more containers for your transportation.

Tracking System API 

This week, we fixed bugs and improved the performance and stability of the Tracking System API. Improved Cosco and YanMing shipping lines.

New in the Directory tab on the DF Alliance

Your profile

We have added your profile to the Directory tab, where you can see information about your company, download all the necessary files. Files such as Badge and Certificate are now available to you.

Priority Service column

Now you can see companies that are engaged or specialize in a certain type of transportation. Now sharing experience and finding partners has become easier.

Digital Freight Alliance development

Now, almost every day, new members join DFA. Forwarding companies from Mexico, Jourdan, Hong Kong, Ukraine, and  UAE joined us this week. It's very pleasant to get positive feedback from members starting their journey with the logistics network of the new generation. 

Stay tuned for DFA updates on LinkedIn and Twitter.

SeaRates Social Networks

Today's hottest Internet businesses are all about the power of social networks. It was essential to follow new trends in the development of technologies and translate them into practical programs of technical cooperation to build industrial capacity in developing countries. You can follow all the SeaRates news on social networks. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Updates Pending

Request a quote

An updated version of Request a quote is expected next week. We automated your actions, made the tool simple and easy to use. Now you will not need to do many actions to make a request a quote, we will do everything for you.

Load Calculator 

We finished stacking for barrels. Added new stacking options for barrels, boxes, and pallets: mass, mass ratio, fill, qty, height, mps, remains, accuracy. In development, improved pallet filling.

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