How Many Cars Fit in a Container

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Delivery of cars in containers

Before you start the business of delivering cars from abroad - make sure that your carrier has the necessary experience for the safe and reliable processing of your orders within the countries where you buy cars, and their delivery by air or sea transport.

When sending your car, you must be sure that it will be delivered in the most professional manner and complemented by the highest possible post-service.

By the way, if you are calculating how many Volkswagen Jettas can be loaded in a container, you are generally looking for a cheaper way to deliver a car, or are looking for a solution for the delivery of turnkey cars - write to No matter what type of vehicle you want to transport; cars, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, boats, heavy vehicles and any other, community forwarders will strive for your absolute satisfaction and will not rest until it is reached.

Select container type

In 2016-2019, one of the most popular requests remains - how many Nissan Leafs will fit in a container. For this and any other model, you can ship your car inside a 20-foot or 40-foot container depending on details of delivery. According to one of the professional assignment help services, a regular 20-foot container allows one or two cars or SUVs to be transported, and a 40-foot-long one allows economically to accommodate two-four mid-size vehicles. A 45-foot container will conveniently accommodate up to 5 cars. Technically there you can also place 6 cars, but thus it will be difficult to get insurance.

International delivery of cars in containers allows using the LCL approach, when there are several cars of different owners in a container.

If you want to learn more on this subject - ping us at, or additionally use the Load Calculator app, which will not allow you to use the cargo space inefficiently.

The question that arises in many enterprises and individuals when considering the possibility of transporting containers for cars, is: "How many Ford Fusions fit in a shipping container?". A very popular question, since the main factor for logistic enterprises is their unit cost of transportation. The more cars can be loaded into container, the cheaper the shipping will be.

In car shipping, container loads often do not achieve success compared to shipping RoRo. How much a Honda Accord can fit in a container depends on the size of the selected container and the carrier’s capabilities. If only one or two vehicles can be put in each container, shipping charges will be high. It may be worthwhile to calculate the damage risk that occurs when transported by other means of transport, but this is balanced by the cheapness of Ro-Ro delivery.

You may have already wondered how many Volkswagen Passats fit into a container. As a rule, these sedans are not exceeding the standard dimensions of a passenger car, without problems are placed on 4 units when using specialized internal racks. You can also see it with the help of Load Calculator (for individual development on car placement, write to, and if you need freight cost along with other related ones, use the Logistics Explorer application and get the cost of all expenses online.

The advantages of vehicles delivery in containers

Various rulers of high strength steel folding racking systems (or even wood) with high performance ensure safe and effective containerized transportation of vehicles to anywhere in the world. Get the answer, how many Honda CR-Vs fit in the container and find out that up to 4 units in a 40-foot container can be precisely due to the use of such racks. It is worth remembering that such designs for one flight, in addition to the cost of the freight itself, will cost you 500-900 dollars - but even such prices are not noticeable when divided by four. Once the car is securely fixed in a container, it no longer needs to be reloaded until the final destination. The container can be easily moved from rail to warehouse, from warehouse to truck, from truck to ship, etc. This removes the need for intermediate disbandment, which can lead to accidents.

Delivery of cars of one model

Returning to the simple question: how many Toyota Camrys can be placed in one container?

This surely depends on the size of the vehicles to be transported. Below is a very approximate instruction, provided that your shipment includes all identical cars in a standard 40’ HC container:

  • 5-6 small cars, such as Fiat 500, Smart, Tata Nano, etc.

  • 4-5 middle class cars, for example Honda Civic, Skoda Octavia, Volkswagen Golf Hatchback.

  • 4 big cars, for example Hyundai i40, Ford Mondeo, BMW 5 Series, Mazda 6 Tourer Estate.

  • 3 pickups / SUVs, for example Range Rover Sport, Nissan Qashqai,  Volvo XC90, BMW X5.

The capacity to transport such a number of cars makes container shipping a reasonable elective to RoRo, since you'll need fewer containers than you had on the off chance without utilizing racks. It is an awesome news for businesses that got to transport a expansive number of vehicles and for which container transportation was inaccessible in the past.

Delivery of different types and models

In case you employ the racking framework to transport three Range Rover Evoques in a shipping container, you will discover you still have space for another, littler car. This can be where vehicle racks truly illustrate their effectiveness. Utilizing the racking framework permits you to carry a few types of vehicles in one container. For example, you'll combine a number of six Range Rovers and two Ford Fiestas in two containers, whereas you will require four for the same set  if you are not using racks. By the same principle, you can find out how much a BMW X6, RAM Pickup or Mitsubishi Outlander can fit in a container. This saves money and opens up good opportunities for the efficient transportation of vehicles..

One of the main services that are usually offered to customers is individual load planning to maximize the number of vehicles that you can load into the container with the least amount of containers needed. You can reset the list of different vehicles to, and in a short time you will receive the most cost-effective solution, no matter between which countries you need transportation. See for yourself using the Load Calculator, and you will surely know how much the Audi A6 fits into the container. It's a bit like playing Tetris with cars of different sizes, but it works very well.

The result is an economical shipping container without the risk of bumps, scratches and theft associated with the delivery of RoRo.

Container shipping: bad idea or better savings?

The container industry dates back to 1956. It was an era when most of the automotive industry was in the same country where transportation was needed. Looking at America and you will be taken to the country of Chevrolet, Oldsmobiles and Buicks. Looking at Europe, you will see DeHavilland Comet, Audis, Citroens. If you cross the ferry to England - then you will find Mini and Land Rovers. People bought domestic cars. The idea of ​​sending a large number of cars across the ocean was absurd at the time, and the question of how much of a Toyota RAV4 would fit in a container was even more so..

Thus, containers and machines have not met for a long time: their industry developments have evolved along different trajectories. Without special research, the maximum amount of Toyota Corolla that could fit in a standard 40-foot container was usually two, which was neither practical nor cost-effective.

Transporting two cars is simply impractical to use the potential container space. As a result, the RoRo delivery method quickly became the norm. This Victorian invention was revolutionized by the Japanese in the 1960s as a mode of transportation between the nearly 7,000 islands of which the country was formed. Later this idea was deployed on a global scale. Since then, nothing has changed.

RoRo delivery is so widely accepted that incentives for innovation in container shipping are limited. RoRo's drawbacks, which include high levels of damage, multiple overload points, exposure to the external environment, and long transit times, were reluctantly accepted as an integral part of car transportation. Very few have ever wondered whether RoRo is really the only option or whether a multimodal container can offer a more practical solution. And they are still thinking. But in 2019m it is already obvious that the question of how many Honda Civic cars fit in a container is most often asked by customers who are private individuals and buy cars for themselves, or small business representatives who do this for resale on a small scale or for a customer.

Evolution in Innovation

One of the reasons why this stereotype is perpetuated is that early innovations were dull. The first attempts to make the frames inside the containers were made of wood. Fragile, prone to breakage and usually suitable for no more than one trip, the idea quickly disappeared. Now they continue to be used, but when asking how much will fit in a Chevrolet Silverado or Chevrolet Equinox container, we should not take into account the use of wooden shelves. Therefore, only in the new millennium did the world see a much more practical idea - reinforced steel frames that can be minimized and reused. This development instantly doubled the capacity to four cars per container, and now we know how much Lexus IS will fit in one shipping container. For small cars in a 45-foot container, this number increases to six.

Innovations such as R-Rak have two main points as a starting point.

First, containers offer the safest, fastest, and most cost-effective way to deliver goods from A to B. This is not a commercial offer: it's just a fact.

Secondly, it is necessary to maximize the container space: combine cars of different shapes and sizes (for example, we recently combined the Jaguar XJ, XF and two Range Rover Evoques into one 45-foot container). In the past, each of these cars would drive first class in its own container. Now we can offer a safe, reliable, economical and convenient option.

Looking for something like this to know how much the Nissan Rogue fits in a container? Email us at!

Overcoming assumptions

For many years, the assumption that containers can only carry two cars was a given. However, these numbers were limited by the lack of foresight. The containers themselves have a suitable capacity for models of cars of all shapes and sizes. It’s just a matter of ensuring proper internal optimization for using this space. To discuss your delivery requirements and find out how much you can potentially save, please reset your request to

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