SeaRates Updates - Week 16, 2021

This week we have some interesting new features appearing on the platform, as well as debugging and optimization of some existing products and elements. Thank you for helping us to move forward with your feedback. The letters we receive, and the clarifying information: it all helps to make our products flawless and to change the global approach to cargo transportation.

Please read the previous updates here.

Tracking System

This week, we have made improvements to the way we work with shipping lines including Arkas, PIL, SETH Shipping, Maersk, COSCO, and Blue Water Lines (BWL).

This week we have improved the logic for recognizing container types and sizes in our API.

We are working on the development of a new Tracking System API, which will be available to all users soon.

Ship Schedules

This week we added support for FESCO. SeaRates Ship Schedules now supports 20+ shipping lines.  

All tools page

We have added a page with all our tools, where you can view information about them and try a demo version. You can find the updated page with all updates here.


While searching for rates, you can check out our special offers or find out more information about current offers and tools.

Digital Freight Alliance

We have added a filter where you can sort the DFA members according to several criteria such as status (free, premium) and the priority service of being a DFA member. Finding a partner will be easier now!

Updates Pending

Individual quote API

A new API is being developed for our users. Soon you will be able to add individual rates that will be available to certain users via your link.

Booking System

A new Booking System will be available soon. We have changed the concept to make it simpler and clearer for users, with a design focused on minimalism. All this will soon be available to you. Finally,  a new Booking API is also being developed which will help you instantly receive and share relevant rates.

If you have other suggestions to improve functionality, you would like to subscribe to one of our services, or you are interested in the integration of ready-made solutions for your business, please write to us at

We invite you to join our open group for communication on international transport activities, as well as our Telegram channel for shipping innovations and industry updates - join us now!

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