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If you are a logistics provider and looking to sell your rates and services to thousands of shippers worldwide by becoming a supplier for SeaRates - we are glad to consider our cooperation!
Sell Globally
One platform to sell your shipping rates to the world. A leading freight rate marketplace providing enhanced digital solutions for freight forwarders and Digital Freight Alliance members alike, powered by SeaRates.
All-in-one Dashboard
Logistics Explorer is a powerful solution to transform your website into an online booking system, which can work simultaneously with over 1000 customers and expand your geography to the new markets by sea, air, road and rail. The service allows you to showcase your own and member tariffs that your clients may be searching for.
How does it work for my Business?
For Freight Forwarders
We invite freight forwarders to enjoy the privileges of DFA — the logistics association of DP World. The freight forwarder community serves to digitalize your business and bring you the benefits of SeaRates, LandRates, and AirRates IT solutions. Strengthen your logistics financing, insurance, reliable partnerships, and more via the Digital Freight Alliance from DP World, a digital association of freight forwarders around the world.
For Shipping Lines
SeaRates is essentially created to combine capabilities of the ocean carriers and make them accessible to shippers and forwarders all around the world. With SeaRates, container lines are getting global coverage and at the same time - strong local offering of FCL freight to end customers in every country.
For AirLines
SeaRates, with its extension to platform is able to promote air freight rates of all global and local Airlines to the final customers for fast cargo delivery. Given that air freight industry is the most digitized one so far, we are offering all types of API integrations for the rates, schedules, bookings and cargo tracking.
For Trucking Companies
Truck owners and businesses of all sizes can quickly find an audience of shippers to sell freight rates for transportation services with the power of the platform and the extensive functionality of the Logistics Map tool. It's never been easier to make spot bookings and find daily requests for thousands of loads ready to ship to any country.
For Railway Operators
State and private railway operators can explore more short and long term contracts for rail freight shipping within both SeaRates and Utilize your rolling stock with maximum efficiency within the world’s largest database of railway stations and find the suitable cargoes with best approved rates from shippers.
For Warehouse Operators
How can I maximize profits and promote my logistics assets effectively? Explore the Logistics Map on SeaRates, AirRates, and by specifying the locations, offerings, and services of your warehouses and other facilities. Let customers around the world take in your warehousing, picking, distribution, fulfillment, and so on. Explore even more opportunities with Logistics Parks and Economic Zones available within DP World.
For Shipowners
Shipping companies with their own fleet of bulk carriers, tankers, containerships, specialized vessels and other types are welcome to find suitable cargoes on as well as cooperation with relevant market players. Matching parameters for professionals with help of technology and AI have never been so easy!
For Cargo Consolidators
Companies that work with LCL, LTL and LWL shipments combining various modes of transport are getting more popular every year since e-commerce strongly pushes the boundaries. We are welcoming Consolidators to locate their CFS and other facilities along with all available freight rates on our platforms to get maximum loading of their capacity.
For Other Service Providers
Logistics industry is such a diverse one, growing all around the world rapidly and dynamically and involving new businesses with associated services like customs clearance, certification, inspection, survey and more solutions appearing every year. If you are such a provider, and you are looking to expand your sales globally - we are happy to work with you!
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