Announcement of Air Cargo Tracking: Upcoming Extensive Features

1 thg 12, 2023 Sophia Shkuro Sophia Shkuro

Growing in ambition and experience in international logistics and meeting your day-to-day demands, the SeaRates team is pleased to announce the upcoming release of a new cutting-edge Air Cargo Tracking tool.

We are currently perfecting the final stages of the launch of the tool for tracking your air freight to release a superior product to meet your unique requests.

Take a look at the brief preview of the tool, and get ready to see how your logistics experience will be transformed and enhanced. This advanced tool will provide the necessary capabilities to accurately track, optimize, simplify, and otherwise benefit your airfreight business.

Meet the evolution of air logistics: Functionality preview

When it seems that everything has been invented long ago, the SeaRates team identifies new threats and unique solutions in the world of logistics, specifically tracking your cargo. With one click, you can get data on the location of your air freight and many other details you will see soon.

By the end of 2023, you will see a tracking engine with precise and advanced functionality that is the easiest to use. You will only need to enter one of three parameters to track your air freight:

  • Air Cargo;
  • Booking number;
  • Airwaybill.


Air Cargo Tracking: Data diversity in one place

Air Cargo Tracking provides you with a variety of benefits available in one place:

  • The tracking results will be supplemented with information on the current location of the cargo, aircraft name, voyage data; ETA, ATD, ATA, and other relevant logistics events.
  • Expect to support 100+ airlines to provide instant updates to our users, and this number is growing to maximize the coverage of your tracking needs in one single place.
  • The real-time information is clearly complemented by an interactive map that visualizes and captivates your entire cargo route.


Air Cargo Tracking integration options

SeaRates IT tools for shipping are designed to be used by you, your customers, or partners in three ways:


  • the web version of the Air Cargo Tracking tool;
  • directly on your website as a white-label widget;
  • API integration into any of your ERP/CRM/TMS systems.


The benefits of implementing widgets on your website include user engagement by providing quick searching and tracking for air cargo. With comprehensive real-time data presented in a convenient form right on your website, you will eliminate the need for your customers to manually search for information about their air transportation.

On the other hand, the Air Cargo Tracking API further automates your shipping services by enabling you to receive and exchange a broader range of information. Therefore, you complement your platform with additional facilities and expand the market for your services.

SeaRates regularly implements unique improvements to the functionality and integration of our tools. Stay tuned for more announcements in our weekly updates.

In closing

Your logistics experience is about to change. Our team will end 2023 with a valuable tool for you. The tracking capabilities of the new product are going to improve the efficiency of your business operations in supply management.

Already, you can get the terms and pricing for using Air Cargo Tracking. For this purpose, please contact your personal SeaRates Account Manager or our team at to receive assistance in implementing IT solutions in your daily workflow.

We can't wait to delight you with new innovations!

Sophia Shkuro is a content manager from Dnipro, Ukraine. Believes that the more complex a thing is, the easier it should be to write about it. Dreams of a future vacation by the sea.