November 2023 Development Release: Empowering Business Users

The SeaRates team greatly appreciates your continued support and loyalty. Every month, we release new features and improve the site, and this month was no exception. We would like to present you with the results of our work. If you subscribe to our SeaRates news feed, we will notify you when a new release is ready.

Go ahead and check out the new features.

Shipper Enterprise

We are proud to announce the SeaRates Enterprise release. The SeaRates team has launched a new account type in the SeaRates system — “Shipper Enterprise”. You have the opportunity to register in two ways:

  • By creating a subdomain on the domain, you and your employees can log in to your own Virtual Office.
  • We have also implemented the ability to log in to a Shipper Enterprise account from This allows you to access all SeaRates IT tools, which you can find on the “Tools” tab, with a single account.

A special feature of the Shipper Enterprise account owner is the ability to add freight rates that will not be displayed in the general search on

Tracking System

The SeaRates team informs you that, from now on, the Tracking System 3.0 Version is only available on the SeaRates website, as the previous version is not accessible.

For the Tracking System API, we have updated the Route API with updated routing for land transportation, namely by truck.

Also, we have updated the code of the web-integrated version of the tool. The new code for integration can be found on the Developer Portal.

Moreover, we have improved the Tracking System API documentation.

Finally, we have made enhancements to the way we work with providers, including Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM), Wan Hai, CMA CGM, COSCO, Crane Worldwide Logistics, SITC Container Lines, Yang Ming, ECU Worldwide, Gold Star Line, SETH Shipping, Maersk, Sealand, Maersk Line Limited (MLL), Avana Global FZCO (BALAJI), Hapag-Lloyd, W.E.C. (West European Container) Lines, Atlantic Container Line (ACL), and Crowley Maritime.

Ship Schedules

We are pleased to announce the addition of support for China United Lines and Econship carriers to the Ship Schedules tool.

Also, we have improved the way we work with providers, including ONE, ,Sinokor, OOCL, and MCS.

Logistics Explorer

We have increased the number of ports of departure for LCL freight rates from CP World in the Logistics Explorer tool. Currently, the total number of POLs is 47.

Logistics Map

We are pleased to announce that we have launched the web-integrated version of the Logistics Map tool. Please contact your personal SeaRates Account Manager to get access to the Logistics Map white label widget on your website.

Load Calculator

We have improved the logic of cargo staffing in the container, which allows you to place more cargo.

For the Load Calculator API, we have added the box_order parameter, which allows setting the loading order.

Moreover, the Load Calculator API documentation was enhanced following these changes on the Developer Portal.

Virtual Office

We have updated the content and design of the “General” page in the “Apps” section. The improvements page allows you to get statistics for all SeaRates services that you have access to, including limits according to your subscription plans.

Other updates

Moreover, we are delighted to introduce the latest version of the Request a Quote form. The upgrade allows you to request a quote in three simple steps and directly send your shipping requirements to SeaRates Customer Support. Also, you can upload photos of the cargo and the necessary documents you would like to mention.

We have implemented location searching by LOCODEs in all IT tools for shipping, making it easier for you to find locations.

Furthermore, we have updated the SeaRates mobile application with push notifications on SeaRates’ news. Besides, you can find the updated “Contact Us” form in the “Settings” tab in the app.

Finally, we have updated the content and design of the Help Center and All Shipping Leads pages. The second one was improved with the ‘View Rates’ button for shippers and the ‘Quote’ button for carriers.

November 29, 2023

The SeaRates Team

Sophia Shkuro is a content manager from Dnipro, Ukraine. Believes that the more complex a thing is, the easier it should be to write about it. Dreams of a future vacation by the sea.