NGPL Shipping line


The New Guinea Pacific Line (NGPL) provides a comprehensive and dedicated shipping service to South East Asia and South Pacific Ports. With a combined experience of over 100 years in the Asia Pacific region, we understand what our customers require from a shipping service. Our proven track record and dedication to the region attract customers looking for dependable and versatile shipping solutions.

NGPL's local knowledge of the ports it serves is unrivalled in the industry. With the most comprehensive network of dedicated shipping agencies in the region we ensure that our customers cargo is in safe hands at all times. By providing direct services to a large number of ports in the region, we assist our customers in the management of their supply chains.

Company History

NGPL's major shareholder, The China Navigation Company (CNCo), the deep-sea shipping arm of the Swire Group, began its first sailings to Australia in 1883 and has played a major role in the Asia - Australia trade ever since. Following a post-war boom in the Australia - PNG trade, CNCo extended its services to include South-Pacific Islands, where CNCo carried a variety of consumer goods andvehicles and lifted copra and minerals. By the early 1960's, this service had developed it's own identity as the New Guinea Pacific Line.

The New Guinea Pacific Line has continued CNCo's commitment to developing trade in the region. We have enjoyed the long-standing support of many of the region's leading companies and the New Guinea Pacific Line has played a key role in the development major projects throughout the region. We continue to service a wide range of industries including mining, construction, infrastructure, merchandising, fishing, agriculture, aid and food related businesses.


As regional trade becomes increasingly competitive, we continue to update our technology to provide our customers with a more efficient and cost-effective service. Our agency network employs EDI and web-based technology for the transmission of documentation. Across-the-board utilisation of internet technology provides a quick, economical and accurate means of communication between the Line, our agencies and our customers. With a history going back over 100 years, NGPL remains committed to the future development of the Asia-Pacific Region.