How to Ship my Goods during a Pandemic

Sep 16, 2020 Mary Sharp Mary Sharp

Shipping goods across large distances can be an intimidating thing to do. You may need to fill many forms, calculate taxes, and perhaps even arrange motor insurance (but very rarely). Very often, you can end up confused and lost in the processes and paperwork involved. But it’s still the best bet!

Whether it’s an e-commerce sale, personal package, or a large haul, shipping is usually the best option. It’s more cost-effective, and with the right insurance, it’s safer too.

Today, we’ll give you the rundown on everything you need to know about international shipping. We’ll make sure we keep it simple, informative, and easy to understand.


1. Managing your Shipment

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On your part, there are two main things to look at when preparing your shipment. One is the packaging, and the other is insurance.

  • Packaging

Shipping carriers usually provide you with some complimentary packaging. But with fragile items or electronics, it’s best to package it yourself or invest in custom boxes and packaging if you want a touch of branding. Think about cushioning, protection, and insulation when packaging your shipment.

  • Insurance

Most modern carriers offer some basic coverage for standard packages. But you can go for third-party insurance if you’re shipping a heavy or valuable item. For instance, getting relevant motor insurance can be very helpful if you’re shipping a car. Motor insurance companies always offer provisions for shipping requirements.


2. Cost of Shipping

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The next thing that probably worries you is the shipping cost of your item. Well, the cost of shipping usually depends on several factors:

  • Dimension & Weight

This one’s practically a no-brainer. The heavier or larger your item, the more it will cost. Shipping companies also have certain restrictions and rating systems. So, it will help if you check out these details.

  • Speed and Service

The shipping rate can also go up depending on how fast you want stuff to reach. Companies may have different delivery tiers you can choose from.

  • Shipping destination

If you’re shipping internationally, the distance and destination of your item matter a lot. Check out your shipping company’s rates based on where you want to ship.


3. Choose the right shipping company

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So, your package is ready, insured, measured, and set. Now, you’ll need to choose a service to get the delivery done. This is arguably the most critical step. That is if you want a successful shipment. Here’s how to choose the best carrier.

  • Research and weigh your options

You want a carrier that’s reliable and professional. The company’s track record is usually a good indicator of this. Trustworthy services typically have a regular patron base and internationally recognized services.

  • Tracking provisions

Try to go for a carrier that allows you to track your shipment as it travels. This provision is especially useful if you’re shipping internationally.

  • Check the carrier’s offers and discounts

Each shipping company enjoys a comparative advantage in some aspects of shipment. While one company may offer cheaper rates, another may have better customer service. Check out what each company offers so that you get the best deal for your item.

Final thoughts

These are the most crucial things you can do to prepare before shipping your item. Remember to manage your package, determine costs, and choose the right shipping company. With international shipping, there are other matters, such as taxes and documentation. But most companies provide essential services that allow you to take it to step by step.

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