Supply Chain Tracking Solutions: How They Can Optimize Your Business Processes

2023. 4. 25. Sophia Shkuro Sophia Shkuro

Covering more than 85% of global trade, international transportation remains a crucial activity in the global economy. As the sector grows, so do the risks of reimbursement, competition, and loss of control over logistics processes.

Now, real-time supply chain tracking ensures your economic stability in logistics. Software control systems, full tracking of the movement of goods, and the entire logistics process are integral parts of successful sea transportation. What losses do tracking technologies help you avoid?

Risks of goods transportation that you should protect yourself from

The supply chain tracking technology in international maritime logistics eliminates reputational and financial risks that are fatal for modern businesses:

Loss of cargo. The wave of international sea transportation can accidentally cover your goods. Will the saying "no one is safe from this" work in 2023? Now you can use convenient tools such as real-time supply chain tracking to monitor the goods rushing to your customers or partners.

Delays in delivery. You are the first to know about weather conditions and even political events that create delays in particular places by using technology. This also saves you money on planning because you can create a transportation route in the time span you require. Your clients are once again warned about future delivery changes.

Documentation has been lost. Separately held documents will greatly hinder international shipping. Its loss or failure to transfer in a timely manner will cause delays in customs control and other administrative procedures. To tackle this problem, you must know the logistic tracking number.

Damage to the goods. You need to track maritime logistics to know about the weather conditions that mainly cause damage to goods. And transportation management system software gives you the ability to plan a route, taking this into account.

So, you can comprehend what supply chain tracking is for improving business processes.

Ways to accurately track and manage your costs

  • From GPS trackers on vehicles to the complete digital Tracking System used for the global chain. This helps you track the location of goods and the speed of movement, stay alert to potential dangers, weather delays, and more, predict the time, and assure your customers of quality service.
  • You save every hour and cent by using supply chain tracking solutions to optimize goods management:

*the image shows the data based on 1000 containers of our customers per month and how much you managed to save

  • A great added bonus is that even modern research has proven the impact of using monitoring systems on reducing fuel costs and emissions.

Tools on the supply chain tracking market are mandatory for you to avoid wasting time and optimize logistics processes. Thus, getting satisfied customers with your company's fast and transparent solutions

SeaRates global supply chain tracking software: Tracking System

SeaRates serves as your logistics chain's assistant. You no longer find the comprehensive optimization of the supply chain and transportation to be incomprehensible and complicated.

The future of supply chain tracking is based on a Tracking System that saves companies time and money, assists in the conclusion of deals, and prevents any failure due to human factors.

Tracking System Possibilities


We convey tracking data directly from carriers/shipping lines, which gives us the ability to provide up-to-date information promptly.

You can track by three parameters:

  • Container number;
  • Bill of Lading number;
  • Booking number.

This is necessary to facilitate tracking, control, and reporting of transportation.


  • Web version. The web version of the Tracking System on is operated by one parameter: container search. Auto-detect is working across container numbers, identifying both carriers and leasing equipment. This is a free version for all users (with up to 20 searches per month).
  • Web integration. You can get a separate Tracking System widget for your website. Web integration is operated by one parameter: container search. The integration takes a couple of hours, and usage is simple: insert the container number and click on search.
  • API integration. The Tracking System API integration allows you to create any interface to track your shipments online or link it with any ERP/CRM/TMS system. Track shipments by container number, bill of lading number, or booking number. See more here.

Currently, we’re connected with more than 170 carriers. For more details, click here. This makes our tool unique in its ability to support a wide variety of providers.

Final thoughts

It is difficult to imagine what modern international trade would look like without a developed maritime logistics infrastructure. Therefore, the increase in methods for controlling and tracking logistics is also a growing trend in the use of technology in this area.

You have no worries about delays because you are well-equipped to handle the modern business challenges of the global supply chain.

Please contact us at for assistance with your tracking needs.

Sophia Shkuro is a content manager from Dnipro, Ukraine. Believes that the more complex a thing is, the easier it should be to write about it. Dreams of a future vacation by the sea.

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