SilkRoad Philippines 2023 – The Best of China: Pasay Conference Summary

2023. 11. 3. Bohdan Borsh Bohdan Borsh

The SilkRoad Philippines 2023 - The Best of China conference was held in Pasay City from October 13 to 15. Organized by Global-Link MP and The Philippine Jinjiang General Association Inc., Silkroad Philippines 2023 was all set to welcome enthusiastic business owners and industry experts. This exhibition coincides with the 30th Year Anniversary Celebration of the Philippine Jinjiang General Association Inc., making it an even more significant occasion.

A SeaRates representative was in attendance at the conference, engaging with industry professionals and exploring trade opportunities between China and the Philippines.

Conference Insights

SilkRoad Philippines 2023 - The Best of China exhibition was an invitation to explore the diverse and thriving sectors of the Chinese and Philippine trade landscape. It served as a meeting point for entrepreneurs, investors, and industry professionals to connect, discover, and potentially form valuable partnerships. The event was held at the World Trade Center Metro Manila. The area of more than 8,000 square meters was perfectly suited to accommodate all exhibitions and their visitors.

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Silkroad Philippines 2023: The Best of China became the ideal platform for those seeking new opportunities in international trade. With an impressive lineup of exhibitors and an array of sectors on display, it was an exciting and informative event. 

The central theme of this exhibition was the rich cultural heritage of Jinjiang, a place from which an estimated 70% of the Philippine Chinese community originates. Various sectors where Jinjiang businessmen are actively engaged will be showcased, demonstrating their prowess and innovation. More than 350 exhibitors had a chance to showcase achievements and opportunities in the following sectors: 

  • The food industry, including snacks, drinks, tea, etc. 
  • Garments, footwear, and fashion in general.
  • Heavy industry, including machinery, automotive parts and other products. 
  • Real estate, investment, and similar businesses 
  • Local manufacturing and much more.

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All these sectors are united by their dependence on logistics, so SeaRates could not miss this event. It was a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn about the needs and challenges of all industries, as well as to exchange experience with experts and businessmen involved in logistics processes.

The photo shows Cze Montefalcon, Account Manager, attending the SilkRoad Philippines in Pasay, in October 2023.

Moreover, Cze Montefalcon shared her impressions of the conference sessions and event agenda in her post on LinkedIn. Learn more about the SeaRates team's experience at this exciting event.

Final Thoughts: Future Perspectives

This collaborative conference highlighted the potential of Chinese production and its positive impact on various sectors, including food, fashion, heavy industry, and local manufacturing. The unity of these sectors, backed by efficient logistics, emphasized the critical role of seamless trade connections.

SeaRates' participation at the event confirmed the importance of understanding the unique needs and challenges faced by different industries. It also highlighted SeaRates' commitment to enhancing global logistics processes and strengthening cooperation between China and the Philippines. This conference undoubtedly set the stage for a promising future of trade and collaboration between these two nations.

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