SeaRates Updates - Week 9, 2024

The SeaRates team is grateful for your feedback and strong support. We are always striving to improve our platform to provide the best service possible. We are happy to present you with our updates and believe that they will be useful for you.

To stay up to date with our latest updates, be sure to check out our previous updates.

What's new for week 9:

  • CO2 API updates: We have added a request ‘by lines’ to calculate the amount of emissions for the specified shipping lines. From now on, enter your route points and LOCODE to calculate emissions at transshipment ports and during transportation by other modes of transport. Find our updated documentation on the Developer Portal.
  • Ship Schedules improvements: We have enhanced how we work with providers, including ECU Worldwide, Gold Star Line by Point tab, and Grimaldi by Vessel tab.
  • Air Cargo Tracking enhancements: We are pleased to announce that we have added support for 15 new airlines, including AeroUnion, Air Astana, Alaska Airlines, Avianca, Avianca Cargo, Avianca Costa Rica, Bangkok Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, JetBlue Airways, MEA, Pegasus, Sevenair, Starlux Airlines, Virgin Australia, and Volaris El Salvador.
  • For the API, we have improved the logic of determining the status of the shipment.
  • Finally, we have enhanced the way we work with providers, including ANA Cargo and Qatar Airways.
  • Tracking System improvements: We have enhanced how we work with providers, including Pan Ocean, Maersk, Avana Global FZCO (BALAJI), Grimaldi Deep Sea S.P.A., Turkon, SETH Shipping, and NewStar.
  • Moreover, we have improved the Historical API by enhancing request processing logic, in case the shipping line did not provide a list of containers by bill of lading or booking numbers.
  • Logistics Map updates: We have improved the tool’s map by enhancing the logic of collecting, optimizing map loading speed, and improving the animation of routes.
  • Load Calculator improvements: We have enhanced the tool by adding limitations for unauthorized users
  • Also, we have added a message about exceeding the maximum allowed dimensions of cargo when using pallets.
  • Moreover, we have added improvements to the stacking functionality for boxes
  • Other updates:

  • We have improved the structure of the Integrations section in the top menu. From now on, you are able to discover more about the available APIs and web-integrated versions of SeaRates tools.

  • For the Request a Quote form, we have added an optional ‘Humidity’ field for cargoes with the additional parameter ‘Perishable’.


  • Mobile Application V 1.1, which includes a new Tracking System feature
  • A new version of AI Assistant
  • A new version of Distance & Time API

  • Integration of Structural quote with Requests in the Virtual Office

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