SeaRates Ship Schedules: Optimize Supply Planning

2023. 6. 9. Sophia Shkuro Sophia Shkuro

While peak seasons are changing the smooth shipping flow and vice versa, the need for advanced freight planning remains unchanged. Depending on the specifics and type of your cargo, whether it's construction materials or agricultural products, you have clear deadlines beyond which the quality of the goods suffers.

Precision planning time for shipment is required, and you definitely need to have data on each of them. The Ship Schedules tool contains an extensive database of schedules that will satisfy all your needs for conveniently searching for accurate information about your vessels’ routes and planning future and current shipments.

Freight management with Ship Schedules

SeaRates' Ship Schedules is capable of planning all logistics operations based on data from shipping line APIs like international schedules, voyages, sea ports, and more. An advanced set of features includes a search by route and vessel to provide you with quick sailing scheduling and voyage checking to organize your cargo transportation.

The tool includes data from almost 40 shipping lines by Points tab and 25 shipping lines by Vessel tab. SeaRates helps you improve your shipment planning through a user-friendly interface.

Ways to advance scheduling

Manage your search by Points. Starting with scheduling, select the Port of Departure and Port of Arrival and you get weekly schedules to choose the suitable routes and deadlines.

Required to find the schedules for the next 4 weeks for cargo departing from the port of JEBEL ALI, AE, to the port of NHAVA SHEVA, IN:

In a few seconds, you can check all possible route options with specific dates by the number of the week and add a view of alternative ports in the settings.

Sorting results for your shipment. The tool adapts to the parameters you specify, such as the preferred departure, discharge port, earliest or latest date of the required ETD, and other suggestions:

Complete overview. The Ship Schedules tool contains specific details about each route. This way, you can easily find the schedules for your supplies:

Book freight rates for routes instantly. With the full scope of all voyages and multimodal options via the Ship Schedules tool, you can quickly plan future shipments. Such advance booking prevents you from overpaying. Planning ahead allows you to compare routes and get the best freight rates for each of them:

Find schedules by Vessel. By entering the vessel name, IMO, or MMSI, you will find schedules for a specific vessel. Search the route by vessel arrival and departure dates to plan your shipments.

With the Ship Schedules tool, you can conveniently optimize your supply planning with more than 15 million schedules from shipping lines around the world. Monitor your route on the world map:

Streamlining logistics with custom solutions

Freight forwarders and carriers take full advantage of the tool for advanced planning with warehouses and customers who need to be provided with information about shipping routes. The Ship Schedules tool makes it easy to find and provide your customers with information about the route schedules of each shipment.

To accomplish all your business goals, SeaRates provides 3 options for using Ship Schedules: on, web integration on your website (white-label widget), and API.

Receive more details about Ship Schedules integrations by clicking here.


The important point to remember is to plan your shipments in advance and effectively. Also, the complex nature of shipping management today inspires the SeaRates team to create unique tools and improve services.

The key feature of Ship Schedules is the huge amount of data from shipping lines and carriers, allowing you to plan future logistics operations in one place. A significant help will be the ability to Request a Quote, and receive an individual freight offer for the route of your choice.

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