Shipping from India to Thailand: two-way trade grows apace

Oct 08, 2021 Lilia Khovrak Lilia Khovrak

As a result of reduced tariff rates and new initiatives adopted by both India and Thailand, trade between the two countries has increased significantly in recent years. Bilateral trade has multiplied eight times since 2000 to reach US$12.46 billion in 2018, with about US$7.6 billion in Thai exports to India and US$4.86 billion in Indian exports to Thailand, according to the Indian Embassy in Bangkok. And Thailand is India’s fifth-largest trading partner in the ASEAN region.

The growing ties between the two countries have come at a time when plans are afoot to bring greater integration among member ASEAN countries through physical connectivity, economic links and cultural and educational ties. 

However, looking for ways to transport goods between the two countries can be tricky. SeaRates offers ocean, air, and road freight and other freight forwarding services and solutions at the best prices, while minimising hassle. We can find you the cheapest shipping from India to Thailand route as well as help with the logistics, including custom clearance and cargo insurance.

How long does it take to ship from India to Thailand?

There are two main options for freight forwarding between India and Thailand – by air or sea.

India is approximately 2,400 km from Thailand. Ships sailing from India to Thailand will cross the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea, then pass Singapore to reach the Gulf of Thailand, where the ports of Bangkok and Laem Chebang —Thailand’s two biggest ports – are located. 

Sea freight shipments from India to either port can take between 11 and 23 days, depending on your port of origin, destination and type of cargo. Chennai which is located in southeast India is one of the Indian ports closest to Thailand and so would have one of the shortest shipment times. In contrast, transport by air can take as little as three days.

The method you choose will depend largely on how fast you need your cargo to arrive, what it is, how much you are transporting, and your budget. The SeaRates Online Freight Marketplace will find you the cheapest option based on your specific requirements, giving you accurate quotes within minutes.

If you cannot find suitable rates, you can also use our ‘Request a Quote’ feature. We can then find a suitable option specific to your needs.

Shipping from India to Thailand by sea

It is cheaper to transport cargo by sea and you can transport bigger and bulkier loads. This is the ideal solution if time is not a factor. You can choose between a full container load (FCL) and a less than container load (LCL).

If your freight occupies a full container (regardless of size) and is intended for one supplier, you would use FCL shipping. FCL shipping involves paying a flat fee for a container you can fill with the goods you are planning to ship. FCL transportation can be organised directly from the supplier’s warehouse to either the port of destination or to the recipient's warehouse. 

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If you can incorporate your goods (from 1m3 to 15m3) into a shared container on a cargo ship you would use LCL shipping. It is the most cost-effective way of shipping for most businesses. 

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Our team at SeaRates helps you find the cheapest shipping from India to Thailand. We work with many freight forwarders throughout the world, enabling us to supply you with the best freight forwarding rates for your business. 

Major shipping ports in India

Nhava Sheva Port: One of the busiest container ports in India, it is responsible for just over half 56% of India’s container traffic.

Port of Mundra: India’s largest commercial port by size and acts as a significant gateway to northern India. 

Chennai Port: One of the oldest ports in India, having started operations in 1881. 

Kolkata Port: Dubbed the “Gateway of Eastern India,” the natural river port manages cargo from Australia and Southeast Asia. 

Mumbai Port: India’s largest port by size. 

Major shipping ports in Thailand

Port of Bangkok (Khlong Toei Port): Located to the north of the Gulf of Thailand on the Chao Phraya River. Primarily a cargo port, it is also well connected with road and rail systems.

Laem Chabang Port: Situated on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand, it is the country’s largest seaport. 

Port of Songkhla: Located at the entrance of Songkhla Lake in Singhanakorn District. 

Shipping by air

Air freight is usually the fastest route, but also the most expensive option for shipping from India to Thailand. With air shipping, your freight can reach India in as little as three days. 

However, it is often the best option when you have small consignments that are needed quickly or if the goods are perishable. Shipping by air also offers slightly better protection for high-value goods, as airline and airport operators guarantee the highest levels of security.

The major airports in India

Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi 

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai

Chennai International Airport, Chennai 

Cochin International Airport, Kochi 

Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore 

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad 

Goa International Airport, Goa

The major airports in Thailand 

Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok and Samut Prakan 

Don Mueang International Airport, Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Prakan

Chiang Mai International Airport, Chiang Mai and Lamphun

Phuket International Airport, Phuket

Hat Yai International Airport, Hat Yai and Songkhla

Mae Fah Luang-Chiang Rai International Airport, Chiang Rai

Finding the right freight forwarder

We can help you find the right partner in India for all your freight forwarding needs. For a choice of freight forwarders, cargo agents, transport companies, logistics and brokers cargo services in India go to the Logistics services in India page. 

SeaRates is a leading platform in the ocean freight, container trucking and container transport industry. So we can help you find and contact service providers for transportation and logistics in India if you are looking to expand your import-export operations. We will also provide assistance with the documents needed for shipping from India to Thailand. Getting help is just a click away. 

SeaRates will automate the preparation of all the necessary documents for customs clearance in India on your behalf. 


We help with the logistics of arranging your freight for shipping from India to Thailand. For instance, our SeaRates Load Calculator makes it easy for you to plan your cargo loads in the best way to achieve the cheapest shipping costs. 

Cargo insurance is also important for shipping from India to Thailand. Our insurance service is not mandatory for any cargo, but SeaRates always recommends it. It compensates the owner of the goods for financial losses both during transportation and at the stage of transfer/acceptance of cargo.

Each transport company on assumes obligations for transportation, and their responsibility is clearly regulated. However, there are risks that arise that can only be compensated if you have cargo insurance. The cost of insurance will depend on the amount of risk it covers and the selected type of carriage. 

By booking a shipment at SeaRates you will receive an explanation of all insurance points to help you buy the right insurance policy. For more information, please click the Cargo insurance page. 

Also, you will need to have all the right documentation in place to get customs clearance and ensure your goods reach their destination. 

Forwarders at who operate worldwide maintain close ties with leading certification entities, enabling them to be able to arrange certification for any type of product and in the shortest possible time so you can get customs clearance of your cargo. 

However, you are still responsible for submitting the required documentation. The customs authorities in Thailand and India are likely to ask for the following documents:

Commercial invoice

Packing list

Certificate of origin

Letter of credit or other payment terms 

Bill of lading for ocean freight or airway bill for air freight 

For more information, please click the Certification services page. 

SeaRates offers certification services if you have the necessary documents in a short time and at reasonable prices.

Custom clearance is best put in the hands of qualified logistics providers to avoid problems with the customs authorities, which could lead to substantial fines and even criminal liability.

SeaRates has qualified customs brokers who have received appropriate training and have licenses and legal rights to carry out customs clearance on behalf of the customer. For more information, please click the Customs clearance page. 


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