TURKON Shipping line

Turkon Container Transport and Maritime Inc. was founded on 03/03/1997 by the Kaşif Kalkavan Group in order to carry out maritime transport between North America and Turkey – Mediterranean regularly. Within the same year, on 09/04/1997, TurkonLine İzmir and on 04/10/1997, TurkonLine Mersin agencies were started. TurkonLine, which has completed the cruise from USA to Turkey in a amazing short period of time as 11 days, has made its first foreign investment in January 1998 by establishing its Turkon USA office. The Ankara branch office, TurkonLine Bursa office, and the foreign offices of TurkonLine UK and TurkonLine Germany were started on 03/04/2000, 01/08/2000, July 2002 and September 2002 respectively.

The cruises made by TurkonLine are direct and the transit times are relatively short. The company is known by its quality of having set the time standards ever since the first day it has started its services.

TurkonLine, which serves with the company slogan of reliability in international transport, currently offers its services for the Mediterranean ports, Israeli ports, American ports and the European ports.

TurkonLine, which is capable of catering all kinds of needs with its high container capacity, has a wide array of container types ranging from standard containers to CPC Euro pallets, 40' high cube, flat rack, open top, hanger and reefer types, all being newly manufactured and in mint condition. TurkonLine has managed to get ahead of its Turkish and foreign competitors and assume a very important position in Maritime and Overland Trade by employing a fleet of modern and fast containerships and by giving utmost importance to client relations.

The successful progress of TurkonLine in the 1997-2007 period, the new vessels and equipment it has acquired and the value it gives to humans and the human factor is a result of its synchronous improvement with technology, and its acquired concept of combining safety with security. TurkonLine, which strives to advertise and promote the importance of maritime sector, has a greater goal of proving the reliability of Turkish maritime companies in the entire world.