CHL Shipping line

CHL is a Spanish shipping company operating international liner services, founded in 1987 with the joint venture of the liner services of Naviera Garcia-Miñaur and Compañía Naviera Marasia. Both shipping companies owned multipurpose vessels of 4.000 to 16.000 tonns deadweight, and since 1967 and 1959 respectively, operated liner services between Europe and Africa (West, South, and East), Pacific South America, Far East, Australia and New Zealand.

The development of the company originates in North Europe through a service between North Spain and the United Kingdom/North West Continent. However, the foreign trade out of Spain in the seventies and eighties developed towards the Mediterranean side, which moved CHL´s liner activities to that area.

CHL group is also involved in other shipping activities such as shipping agency, stevedoring, forwarding, warehousing and distribution with a total labour force of 350 people.

CHL moves 35.000 teus and approximately 100.000 tons of general cargo with a total annual turnover of EUR 75 million.