CCS Shipping line

Chief Container Service (CCS) operates the leading regional shipping service between Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific and Micronesia, servicing over 39 ports.

CCS provides both shippers and consignees with the ability to carry cargo in a full range of equipment. We have an extensive fleet of general purpose boxes (including food quality and heavy rated), two pallet wide high cubes, refrigerated boxes, open toppers, open siders and both 20' and 40' flat racks. All CCS vessels have the ability to carry breakbulk, timber and project cargoes CCS offers a range of services which include:

  • Fixed day weekly services
    • Australia to Papua New Guinea/Solomon Islands
    • New Zealand to Australia
    • New Zealand to Papua New Guinea/Solomon Islands

  • Fortnightly Southern Express Service
    • New Zealand to Australia
    • Australia to New Zealand

  • Northern Express Service
    • Australia to New Zealand
    • New Zealand to Australia

  • APIL service (fortnightly)
    • Australia/New Zealand to Noumea/Vanuatu

  • Micronesian service (monthly)
    • Australia/New Zealand to Micronesia

The Northern Express service operates on a 14 day frequency calling the ports of Tauranga, Auckland, Sydney and Brisbane plus many regional ports in Australia including Newcastle, Gladstone, Townsville and Darwin. The Southern Express service calls at Auckland, Napier Tauranga and Lyttelton in New Zealand with direct calls to Bell Bay, Melbourne, Port Kembla and Sydney in Australia.

CCS' APIL Line offers port calls at Noumea, Vila, Santo, Fiji, Tarawa,Majuro, Pohnpei, Chuuk and Kosrae.

CCS has an extensive agency network within the region along with a number of representative offices. This wealth of experience and local knowledge is at your service.