Logistics Explorer API

Logistics API

Through SeaRates.com, you can access a range of logistics APIs to get on-demand freight pricing across a wide range of shipment types, for you and your customers. Enjoy the best rates from over a hundred forwarders, at your fingertips.

Our APIs and embeddable widgets allow your customers to search for and find freight rate estimates for door-to-door and port-to-port combinations directly on your site.

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Benefits of getting rates

Make your digital assets your business assets.

  • Offer different types of transportation;
  • Subscribe to partners’ rates;
  • Display partners’ rates on your website;
  • Increase traffic to your website;
  • Control your own API design.
Logistics Explorer

Benefits of adding rates

SeaRates API

SeaRates API

Make it easy for your customers to search for the best ocean freight APIs options:

  • Full Container Load (FCL) API
  • Less than Container Load (LCL) API
  • Bulk API
LandRates API

LandRates API

Give your customers flexibility to arrange multimodal or land transportation including:

  • Full Truck Load (FTL) API
  • Less Truck Load (LTL) API
  • Full Wagon Load (FWL) API
AirRates API

AirRates API

Air transportation rates and shipping options are available to help your customers transport all types of air freight.

Improve Your Website Performance

Our platform will double conversion rates on your site. Here’s how that happens.

  • Users are more likely to spend more time on your site when more detailed data is provided;
  • Boost your business’s image by making information easily accessible. With autocomplete lists for cities and ports, interactive maps, lists of expenses and more, your customers have everything they need in one place;
  • Earn your customers' trust. The more rates, the better. With a list of rates to search through and all the supporting information they require, customers won’t need to speak to your competitors;
  • As an easy-to-use destination to search for rates, your customers can return to your website with confidence, knowing they can find the rates they need, anytime;
  • Generate new leads for your business without wasting time cold-calling;
  • Discover new marketing opportunities. When you advertise your rates on your site, they are automatically advertised on SeaRates to thousands of users every day.

JSON format capability

The API response receives shipping data in JSON format, as well as information about additional shipment services.

We can also provide the Logistics Explorer API solution in other methods like GraphQL or Post/Get.