SeaRates Update - Week 6, 2021

17 בפבר׳ 2021 Lilia Khovrak Lilia Khovrak

If you missed the latest release of updates - it's time to take a look.

We continue to move forward and plan to implement each step of our growth plan according to the road map of the project. Thank you for your continued support and interest.

Tracking System

This week, we made improvements to the way we work with shipping lines such as COSCO, ONE, Namsung, Yang Ming, MSC, Evergreen, OOCL.

Check our Tracking System here

We’re proud to say that we have now added support for three more shipping lines:

● Nirint Shipping

● Alianca

● Jin Jiang Shipping

We support a total of 85 shipping lines and 12 leasing companies, making our platform one of the few that can offer support for so many shipping lines.

You can visit the updated list of shipping lines here.

Minor changes were also made to the response structure of the new API (the data field now contains the JSON type of data).

Load Calculator

This week we have improved the 3D visualization of our cargo stuffing tool.

We are working on a function that will notify users when there’s no more space available in the container. This will help to improve how you optimize your cargo and avoid any additional costs when shipping your goods.

We are also developing a feature to import Excel files. All the data will be automatically filled in to calculate your cargo accurately.

A template will be available to you as an example, so you can view the correct method of filling the Excel files.

Virtual Office

We have updated the menu for the Virtual Office. To enter your Virtual Office now, you need to click on the person icon at the top, and then on your username.

We aim to improve and simplify how you work with SeaRates.

Port fees

There is now a fixed display of port fees. This functionality will allow you to make accurate calculations on our modernized platform in seconds.

Rates & Tariffs tab

This week we have been working on improving the functionality of adding rates via the Excel file. We have fixed the bugs for adding rates and optimized the functionality.

Logistics Explorer

We’ve added a tooltip that will display your notifications when you hover your cursor over it.

The individual rates page is expected to launch next week. You will also have the ability to share the link of a specific rate with clients.

Growth of the Digital Freight Alliance

DF Alliance members have access to a global freight forwarding network that allows them to expand opportunities for their business and meet freight partners from all over the world. The DF Alliance now has 1020 members.

The following systems can be installed onto your website:

  • Tracking System
  • Logistics Explorer
  • Load Calculator
  • Ship Schedules
  • Cargo Wizard
  • Smart Documents
  • Distances & Time

If you require any assistance, please write to

That’s it for this week’s main technical updates and news.

Thank you for your continued interest and participation in the making of global changes in the logistics industry.

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