Meet SeaRates at IV Fresh Food Logistics Summit

27 בספט׳ 2023 Bohdan Borsh Bohdan Borsh

Dear colleagues,

We at SeaRates are proud to share the opportunity to participate in the IV Fresh Food Logistics Summit, which will take place on October 3-5 in Madrid, Spain, as a part of Fruit Attraction event.

The conference is dedicated to the theme "Innovative Cold Logistics", which allows witnessing the innovative achievements of the fresh food logistics community and discussing them with colleagues.

Where to find us?

The IV Fresh Food Logistics Summit will take place at IFEMA, Pabellón 4, Madrid, Spain, on October 3–5.

Event website

For more information, please visit the IV Fresh Food Logistics Summit event page.

Join up and meet SeaRates

Our team is open to discussing any of your transportation challenges. Visit the IV Fresh Food Logistics Summit to join the discussions about fresh food transporting. We are open to communication regarding the latest trends in food logistics and any other business topics.

Contact us at to learn how to meet SeaRates at the IV Fresh Food Logistics Summit.

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