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2023. 6. 9. Sophia Shkuro Sophia Shkuro

When choosing the best route, it is worth planning the transportation timeframe, the desired ETA, and the mandatory ports or land points to be passed through.

The most convenient way to plan routes is to build your own, taking into account all the conditions of shipment, such as the port of departure, the point of destination, cargo events, the desired transit time, etc. Using these parameters optimizes shipping planning for freight forwarders and shipping companies. Therefore, simplifying and streamlining logistics operations is the goal of SeaRates tools, one of which is the Route Planner, which allows you to make routes based on your parameters in one place.

Key Route Planner’s features

The functionality of the Route Planner tool is the optimal solution for considering all transportation details. Start working with the tool by specifying the location type, or ports of departure and arrival, and required route events:

The tool visualizes the route and loading, customs clearance, arrival at the port, loading onto the vessel, and date of arrival events on a world map.

Compare and customize the route to your needs, indicating when exactly you need to deliver the goods and other points that must be included. This way, you gain maximum optimization of time and visibility of cargo movement.

Achieve customer experience excellence

Route Planner makes it easier to get data about loading, customs clearance, arrival at the port, loading onto the vessel, date of arrival, stopping at warehouses, and other shipment details. We at SeaRates improve our services and tools for advanced shipping planning so that you can make decisions to facilitate logistics operations.

Carriers, freight forwarders, or shipping brokers can quickly inform customers about up-to-date shipping data and provide the actual position of the container on the map.

You will meet the supply chain requirements by managing multiple routes and automatically providing full information about the cargo.

Improving route management

Advanced route planning enables you to closely monitor and prevent disruptions, downtime, and overlaps in freight movement. With optimized route planning, the consignee and the freight forwarder are the first to be informed of the slightest deviation from the plans. Prompt reaction and awareness of the situation ensure smooth cargo flow.


What is transportation routing?

Transportation routing aims to calculate and visually plan the resources required for transportation. Efficient transportation activity reduces any additional charges because you control the likelihood of downtime.

What is the best route planner?

In addition to the above benefits, Route Planner has become a favorite among our customers for customized route planning. Keep your route and vessel movement data synchronized and get visualized feedback on logistics operations.

Who is this tool for?

Mostly for carriers and logistics providers, such as freight forwarders, trucking companies, rail operators, ocean, and air carriers etc.

Freight forwarding companies and others can integrate Route Planner into their websites to provide advanced information to customers about their shipments. Route Planner records have IDs that are interconnected with the SeaRates Tracking System. This means that with the help of Route Planner, you can create unique IDs for your customers' shipments, through which they can find much more detailed, real-time information about the movement of their cargo: rail, road, port movements, and other key events. Your customer will only need to paste the ID you have given them onto your own Tracking page, and the shipment will be found with all the details you have tailored for them.

Don't limit yourself to information from ocean or air carriers only; provide your customers with more insights on their cargo movements.

How can I implement a Route Planner into my business strategy?

SeaRates’ tool integration is a great way to expand your logistics services. Thus, by integrating the Route Planner widget into your website, you will meet the needs of consignees in routing their shipments. They will be able to do this without the help of third-party resources and will turn to you for innovative solutions.

Also, you can always find the Route Planner on

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The SeaRates tools provide a customized approach to planning routes and other logistics operations. The tools gather and present all freight data in an easy-to-use format.

Planning and managing cargo movements with Route Planner is a strategy to improve logistics operations using data from global shipping lines provided by SeaRates' innovative solutions.

You have the opportunity to request the best freight rates, track your shipment, and get a personalized assistant after booking your shipments at SeaRates.

Please contact us at for details of advanced IT solutions for logistics operations.

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