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Technology is moving forward, gaining more speed. This is due to the desire of people for comfort, to spend less time on routine; on nervous negotiations; on communication with non-professionals. This is caused by fatigue from force majeure.

If someone collects all negative experience, easy to understand that you can foresee much, you can not allow many things to happen, but be quiet about your business and not worry that you did not control something again; But also have time to live! But how can we combine and consolidate this experience, put together all the precedents? Especially for people who are only at the beginning of their journey, and more than others are experiencing that everything went smoothly?

Do you like, when going on a trip, in advance and in a few clicks, book and pay for a hotel room - and be sure of a comfortable holiday?
Is it convenient for you to buy tickets online (air, railway, bus, taxi)?

Today everyone can start international trade boldly, without worrying about hidden payments, inaccurate terms, and the like. In a few clicks get the cost of transportation by any mode of transport - whether it is a consolidated cargo, a whole container, air delivery, wagon or truck. Then book transport for specific dates - and get service from world-class managers. That is what is important for the Client.

These (and not only) technologies are on the SeaRates website itself, and are also available for installation on your own site, to increase its popularity and attendance. In addition, individual web development for transport companies is available and much more.


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SeaRates provides online consultations 24/7, which allows you  not only to get all information you need, but also gives the ability to get the rates and make bookings in just a few clicks. When making decision about cargo transportation, it is important to be confident about pricing alternatives, schedules and delivery time. All this becomes possible in the digital age.


You can also use our apps on our website, such as:

The tracking system allows to determine the current position of your container on the world map and determines the port and the time spent in port of congestion.

Choose the equipment type (container or truck), packing type and dimensions. Get a 3D image of stowing mixed sized cargo in the most efficient manner!

Whether you need port to port or door to door service, choose any place of loading and final destination and get the brief description of route, transit time and an instant freight rate for any type of service.

Searching for the list of carriers that own and operate container ships between various sea ports.


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