Freight, shipping and chartering glossary

Ocean Freight
The shipping of goods by sea via shipping containers.
Океанська накладна
A document that draws up the contract for the carriage of goods by sea.
Пропозиція з оренди
Terms of a time charter agreement on the suspension of payment for the use of a vessel.
Discharge of cargo from a vessel.
Відкриті тарифи
A rate negotiated by a shipper at a shipping line (conference) for additional loading of the agreed limited consignment to one of the vessels of the line.
Відкрийте реєстр
A term used in place of "flag of convenience" or "flag of necessity" to denote registry in a country that offers favorable tax, regulatory, and other incentives to ship owners from other nations.
Відкрийте верхній контейнер
A container with an open roof and designed to carry cargo that is too large to be loaded through standard container doors, such as machinery.
Ситуація, коли існує занадто багато кораблів взагалі або в певній торгівлі на рівні наявних вантажів.