Freight, shipping and chartering glossary

An air freight cargo container designed to fit the interior contours of a specific airplane.
Bir konteynerin bir demiryolu terminali veya başka bir taşıyıcıdan su girişi tarafından alındığı sırada gerçekleşen işlem veya alış veriş.
Set of international trade terms published by the International Chamber of Commerce. The dictionary contains terms on the basic conditions of supply related to the transportation process, clearance, etc.
Karavan Konteyneri
A legal document required for the transportation over land. An inland bill of lading serves as both the carrier’s receipt to the shipper and the carriage contract.
İç taşıyıcı
A transportation company that hauls export or import cargo between ports and inland points.
Inland Haulage Charges (IHC)
The transportation costs incurred in transporting goods from a seaport of loading to an inland container freight station, and vice versa.
Muayene belgesi
A document confirming that the goods were in good condition prior to shipment.
A system of measures aimed at full or partial compensation of losses from certain risks (consequences of natural disasters and accidents, loss of wealth and disability, etc.) by transferring their consequences from one party (insured) to another (insurer) for a certain fee.
Sigorta sertifikası
A document is specially issued in addition to the insurance policy for customer information as a sign that the contractor has implemented all types of insurance provided for by the terms of the contract.
Intermodal taşımacılık
The use of more than one mode of transport for the transport of goods.
A document certifying the actual delivery of goods and/or the provision of services and their value.
ISF Filing
This cost covers lodging in compliance with CBP’s (US Customs and Border Protection) ’10+2′ advance cargo reporting requirements.
Aralık 2002'de IMO Diplomatik Konferansı tarafından kabul edilen Uluslararası Gemi ve Liman Tesisi Kodu. Tedbir, deniz güvenliğinin güçlendirilmesi için tasarlanmıştır. (ISPS Kodu - SOLAS'ın Bölüm XI-2'si).
Veren Taşıyıcı
The carrier who issues the bill of lading and with whom the contract of carriage is concluded.