Shipping Industry Era

Your investment instrument and a chance to participate in the revenue of the future ecosystem.

Shipcoin sto private sale Shipcoin investment round B
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SHIPCOIN holders will benefit from the development of the SHIPNEXT Supply Chain ecosystem, with the synergic integration of Searates containerized/multimodal transportation solution.

Future Logistics Ecosystem

An integrated and decentralized blockchain solution across the entire door-to-door Supply Chain, connecting private supply chains into one reliable, cost- and time-efficient Supply Chain Ecosystem. This includes all sectors of transportation: maritime transport (bulk, breakbulk and containers)

  • road transport
  • rail transport
  • air transportation
  • transport infrastructure (ports, terminals, etc)
Organizations and service providers with the help of transparent and reliable algorithm-based processes, Smart Contracts as well as advanced and secure electronic transactions.

SHIPNEXT SUPPLY CHAIN - a demand driven production and supply chain ecosystem, accompanied by accurate demand driven supply planning and trade finance, enabling secure, cost- and time-efficient logistics, transportation and settlement, improved production planning.



SHIPNEXT is developing an ecosystem to enable secure, seamless and reliable transactions between the Industry participants under Hyperledger Fabric Smart Contracts.

The Ecosystem will be composed of three layers:

  • Hyperledger Fabric layer, consisting of nodes that run chaincode of the smart contracts
  • Abstract layer between the Hyperledger Fabric and the Application layer that performs the translation from the real world of “buttons” into the blockchain
  • SHIPNEXT application layer, where all the transactions are initiated with the “buttons”


Several Shipping and Transport related Marketplaces join hands to launch a unique, all included, intermodal transportation and Supply Chain Ecosystem.


SHIPNEXT for dry- and wet-bulk, heavy and oversized cargo as well as SEARATES for containerized/multimodal transport and AIRRATES for air shipments.

The name of the new Supply Chain Ecosystem is not yet announced, but this will, indeed, create a unique real-time solution to ship any cargo regardless of type, size or packing. SHIPNEXT has been long involved with transforming the most conservative and traditional sector of the transportation industry - the shipping sector - with over 2000 new Cargo/Freight requests each day and about 22.000 ship positions at any given moment. SEARATES in its turn is the oldest resource dedicated to online logistics, since 2005, which today hits top 100k on Alexa ranking and is in top-5 websites in the world respect container shipping, having over 20 000 visitors every day, over 40 000 registered carriers and over 250 000 shippers, using logistics solutions, submitting online bookings and delivering cargo from A to B in a new smart & easy way (which now expands to Air, Road and Rail with a certain targeting).

And now, as the Shipping Marketplaces of both SEARATES and SHIPNEXT as launched, and the electronic Bill of Lading solution is built, the teams are involved in building a Smart Contract on IBM's Hyperledger Fabric as the world's most unique "all in" solution for transportation.

Similar to Google Maps, it will be able to provide a real-time solution for delivery of any type of cargo, anywhere in the world, with various modes of transport.

SHIPNEXT is launching a security token ICO to invite partners into the future network and ecosystem.