Verified Gross Mass(VGM)

Due to Safety of Life at Sea(SOLAS) convention, in November 2014, the International Maritime Organization set new mandatory regulations of container weight verification to the Safety of Life at Sea convention (SOLAS). These regulations cover all member states who will adopt it into their own national law. The instructions for the implementation will be provided by each country.

  1. The situation
    Declared container weight and the documents are often wrong, which causes the high risk of serious accidents.

  2. The challenge
    In accordance to new regulations issued by International Maritime Organization, starting from July 1st, 2016 the Verified Gross Mass(VGM) must be mandatory document, which is on shipper’s account and done under national law instructions.

  3. The implication
    In case of missing VGM certificate the container cannot be loaded onto board, and if this certificate is on shipper’s response – the extra costs will be charged. Meanwhile the third party can be authorized in providing this service, but shipper is still responsible for this.

  4. Container weight
    VGM is determined by using the following methods: Method 1: Weighing the packed container once all cargo has been loaded & sealed in to the container. Method 2: by calculating the weight of the cargo (including packaging), dunnage and the container tare. Container weight can usually be checked physically outside on door print.
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