Dry Cargo

SeaRates Dry Cargo service has been developed to provide the safe and efficient shipping process. For most of our customers, this is about moving the world’s most commonly traded commodities such as paper, metals, equipment and so on; however not all cargoes are quite this straightforward. We know how transport more complex cargoes, such as food-grade, hazardous and rare/precious commodities.

Hazardous cargo

When we transport your hazardous cargo, we take the whole supply chain into consideration. From offering special training to our drivers, to the careful planning of container stowage on our vessels, we’ve established our operations to limit the risks associated with this type of cargo.

Food-grade cargo

We can provide an extensive inventory of reefer containers for food products that require refrigeration or freezing during transit. Each container is dehumidified, offering you peace-of-mind that we can deliver your cargo in the same condition as it was received.

Rare and precious cargo

We understand that transporting rare or precious cargo can be stressful. When you work with SeaRates you can be assured that your cargo is travelling in safe hands. We will provide constant updates and provide all the much needed security for your goods.

Dry cargo