How it all began

Established in 2004 in the United Kingdom, SeaRates.com has grown from a small Ukranian startup to one of the largest e-commerce shipping platform in the world.


SeaRates Community now employes more than 22,000 agents in 1,200 cities, in more than 100 countries worldwide.


With a mission to empower international trade, SeaRates.com invests in the digital technology that helps take the friction out of shipping.


At SeaRates.com, we connect shippers with the top logistics companies in the world. SeaRates.com website and mobile apps offer more than 8,980,000 shipping rates, and cover 200 countries and territories worldwide.

10 000

Growth potential

Every month, more than 10,000 shipments are reserved on our platform. Now we strive to improve this result at times.


Whether shipping for business or moving abroad, customers can instantly book the shipping container or any other transport quickly and easily with SeaRates.com – without booking fees and backed by our promise to price match.


Through our Customer Experience Team, customers can reach SeaRates.com 24/7 for assistance and support in over 10 languages, anytime day or night.



Openness with our team & clients. We raise issues & provide solutions promptly.


Our word and hard work over everything else. Our clients and vision are our guiding beacons.

Self Improvement

Never stop learning, never stop evolving into who we want to be and where we want to be.

Over Deliver

Deliver more value than our team & clients expect. Every day, over every delivery.

Meet the team

Our skilled teams craft the outstanding code based on the current and dynamic logistics market changes and demands. Our Customer Service is ready to come along whatever you may need.

Sergey Dzhashytov

Founder & CEO

Sergey started SeaRates in far 2004 after experiencing slow freight quoting as CEO of Arete, as well as facing opaque and corrupted structure of local logistics, either on customs or at big importing/exporting enterprises. Sergey has a PhD and awards in Mathematical Sciences. Besides that Sergey himself is a logistics expert with over 25 years of shipping experience, recordsman in Ukrainian FCL turnover in 1990-2000, today applying his huge sophistication as a shipping & IT architect. Sergey indeed is the inspirator and visionary of SeaRates.

Alex Khomenko


Alex is an experienced software executive who has driven software implementation, customer success and enterprise IT rollout in a variety of projects, and he is one of the first members of SeaRates team, understanding all the technical part better than everyone, and finding the fastest way between A and B in any technical logistics task.

Dmitriy Prisukha

Senior Frontend Developer

Dmitriy specializes in building visual technology solutions that bridge backend functionality part across the digital supply chain and brings it to the final user. He’s been building and scaling SeaRates from Day 1, with a focus on creating platforms that users like to use. Dmitry has a team behind him, which does all SeaRates apps integration with supportive web-development for each customer and partner.

Vitaliy Lapchenko


Vitaliy’s skills allow him to put the web presence of the company and the entire online presence on the highest level, including intranet and internet (web, mobile apps, other). He puts AI and machine learning in the high priority either in promotion or in the internal SeaRates website functionality.

Stefan Rogovskiy


Having over 10 years in the industry, Stefan is the Ukrainian branch manager, guiding all operational work in sales and customer service, project management and responsible for SeaRates updates as well as agent network coordination. Consulting IT team and controlling local support. Husband, father and believer. Loves bikes and making music!

Aliona Malik


Aliona has held product and technology leadership positions during her career, resulting in success of the business. As a marketing professional, she pays huge attention to the design, as a first visual part making impression on the customer, and takes care of all UX/UI matters, receiving feedback, analyzing results and guiding her team to the right points.

Alexey Apostolov

VP Blockchain Technologies

Alexey is an e-commerce expert with over 10 years of experiences in digital transformation across manufacturing, distribution, sell and marketing sectors. Alexey was one of the first in our team who forecasted the fast and revolutionary growth of blockchain in 2010 and indeed the one who understands all trends in blockchain and smart-contracts application in logistics.

Lyubomir Kaptsov


Lyubomir makes all SeaRates infrastructure running smoothly, having his path from basic System Administration to highly distributed cloud technologies and server management. His aspect is that in the fast changing world there should be a fast-learning habit, where the most flexible and innovative solutions can be implemented immediately.

Alexei Shatunov


Alexei has 25 years’ experience as an executive and consultant in the logistic industry, with a strong emphasis on technological innovation. An early evangelist for blockhain technologies, was acknowledged as one of the Ukrainian most famous authorities and thought leaders on blockchain distributed ledger technology for blockchain. Currently serve as the Chief Business Development officer of SeaRates, which promotes and supports the new logistic SaaS marketplace. The mandate is to promote the protocol and associated SeaRates ecosystem as well as positively influence the emerging commercial and legislative landscape for blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies.

Mike Bogachev

Senior Backend Developer

Mike is an experienced product and development executive who has ushered enterprise applications to life at SeaRates. Mike controls the performance of the Logistics Explorer platform and knows everything about FCL, LCL, Bulk, Air, Road and Rail rate calculation and management from A to Z so that it can work in one place for the users’ comfort.

Vyacheslav Vinnichenko


Vyacheslav is a seasoned executive with wide experience in software development. He drove scalable growth with cutting edge technology like PostgreSQL, Ajax and jQuery. Vyacheslav has significant initiatives with blockchain and it’s application to all SeaRates products.

Valeria Guliy

Project Manager

Valeria is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who created her own approaches in sales, growth and business relations, built it up organically to over 1,000 customers, including some of the world’s largest shippers and carriers. She continues to lead some strategical customers, as well as cargo projects.