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Samskip is an international company offering transport and related services by land, sea and air. Since being founded in Iceland in 1990, Samskip has experienced steady growth - both internal and through strategic acquisitions - opened offices worldwide and broadening its service portfolio.

In 2005, Samskip acquired the Dutch multimodal transport company Geest North Sea Line, the British shortsea operator Seawheel and reefer centres from the Dutch company Kloosterboer. Previously, Samskip had acquired Van Dieren Maritime and a 40% share in Silver Sea.

Samskip is one of the largest container transport companies in Europe, offering multimodal container logistics and extensive container services to and from Iceland and the Faroe Islands, along with refrigerated cargo logistics and international forwarding around the world.

Samskip employs about 1,400 people working in more than 20 countries world wide.

Samskip Services
SailorSamskip is an international company offering transport by land, sea and air. Since being founded in Iceland in 1990, Samskip has experienced steady growth - both internal and through strategic acquisitions - opened offices worldwide and broadening the service portfolio.

Through its offices in Iceland, the UK, mainland Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, Scandinavia, the Baltics, the US and Asia, Samskip offers customers an efficient transport network supported by a global network of agents and strategic partners.

Multimodal Container Logistics
Samskip';s multimodal transport network spans all of Europe, the Baltic states and Russia. By offering an optimal combination of short sea, road, rail and barge services Samskip is able to deliver a reliable, sustainable and cost effective transport solution.

Our door-to-door service integrates collection, shipment and delivery into a seamless transport solution. Experienced staff and modern equipment assure that the cargo is delivered as agreed, while the customer has a single point of contact for the entire transport chain.

Besides Door-to-Door services Samskip also offers Quay-to-Quay and feeder services. This service offers customers the possibility to use Samskip';s extensive shipping network with their own equipment. Tank operators, bulk operators and deepsea lines benefit from the fixed and regular sailings across Europe.

Iceland and Faroe Islands services
Samskip offers extensive service to customers in Iceland and the Faroe Islands. Frequent sailings to/from European mainland, the UK, and Scandinavia, hi-tec cold storage, both with racks and for bulk cargo, sophisticated warehousing solutions and a domestic transport system offer customers total solutions.

Worldwide Reefer Logistics
Samskip is one of the major logistic companies in the field of reefer container transport, and offers a complete range of service. With offices in Continental Europe, United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Asia and North and South America, Samskip is present in the most strategic areas regarding seafood, meat, vegetables, fruits and poultry products.

Cold chain logistics is the seamless movement of perishable goods from a supplier's sourcing point to the end consumer. With 75 years of experience in logistics management, cold storage, terminal handling, freight forwarding, documentation and local distribution, Samskip provides the solutions ensuring every aspect links up with one another perfectly.
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