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Founded in September 1992 Contaz employs 50 staff in Istanbul and Izmir. Together Contaz and Containerships are now offering shortsea door to door container transport ranging from North Europe, UK, Baltics, Russia and Finland to South Italy, Greece, Turkey, Libya and Tunisia.

The combined operations of Contaz and Containerships show the following outline:

  • 500 employees
  • 17 offices in 14 countries around Europe
  • 16 container vessels in operations
  • Capacity ranging from 750 to 1.000 TEU
  • Over 15.000 own containers including 45' pallet-wide, curtain-side, reefer as well as open-top and flat-rack.

Own truck & drivers in Finland, UK and Russia
first Container Tracking The tracking system allows us to define the current position of the container on the world map (Google Map) and determine the port and the time spent in port of congestion.
second Load Calculator Calculating the quantity of packages which container or truck can include. Load calculator is free of charge for our visitors.
third Logistic Route Planner Logistic Route Planner is a web-based service that helps you to provide your customers with information about shipments/parcels on the World map.
fourth Distances & Transit Time Today you can do this automatically using our new transit time system on the Google map.