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Just a few things you might like to know about us.

BG Freight Line is a 100% subsidiary of Peel Ports Group since 2005.
Our parent company has major interests in the U.K. Ireland and mainland Europe.

BG Freight Line B.V. core activity is short sea shipping and feedering.

BG Freight Line B.V. is one of the shipping-lines within Peel Ports Group.
Our strengths, for already a considerable number of years, are the regular liner services to /from Ireland, UK and Scotland.
We are proud to state that, both our customers and our colleagues, consider us experts on the routes covered by our ships.
Today we operate 8 fully containerised ships which cover the following countries / ports :

  • Republic of Ireland ( Dublin and Cork )
  • Northern Ireland ( Belfast )
  • England ( Felixstowe, Teesport, Southampton and Liverpool)
  • Scotland ( Grangemouth and Greenock )
  • Belgium ( Antwerp )
  • The Netherlands ( Rotterdam )

The frequency of our sailings is one of the best in the trade.
All ports are served at least twice a week.
The transit-time is varying from 1 to 4 days depending on the destination.

The head office of BG is located in one of the buildings at the Rotterdam Shortsea Terminal (RST).
RST is one of the terminals our vessels regularly berth to take on board your valuable cargo destined for or coming from one of the ports above. In Rotterdam, the centre of our liner activities, most regular connections can be made to / from almost every destination in the world. It is through this that BG Freight Line has established itself as one of the leading feedering operations to / from mainland Europe.
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Container Tracking

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