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What’s Shiplot?

It is a web application for providing instant freight quotes together with online booking functions. Calculate your transportation costs in just a few clicks!

Who is it for?

Are you already a professional or launching your business in logistics? Are you involved in export/import? If the answer to any of those is yes, Shiplot is for you!

Как это работает?

Shiplot displays shipping quotes, transit routes and other crucial information from all over the world. It’s a shipping rate search engine at your disposal!

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For Freight Forwarders, Brokers, Shipping Lines & other logistics service providers

Share your quotes with global partners, promote your website on search engines and manage freight together with SeaRates.

Instant Freight Search and Booking

Get instant shipping quotes with transparent up-to-date prices. Book your shipments online. Manage freight and gain control over your supply chain with real-time freight tracking. Gain access to a global network of logistics service providers, subscribe to the rates of your partners and broker new deals for international transportation. Establish your own shipping platform today!

Add your Shipping Rates

Showcase your rate offers and available ships, trucks, containers or other relevant information. Share it with thousands of international agents and companies all over the globe. Utilize the power of a stable and reliable Shipping Network

Customize your Shipping Platform!

Shiplot can be used on its own domain or integrated into the design of your own website. Customize it, choose your own design options and toolsets, install additional applications and work with our IT professionals to create an innovative and engaging experience for your customers.

Shiplot is fully compatible with all SeaRates applications and can easily be upgraded with added functions from your Virtual Office. Its logistics utility is most often enhanced by Container Tracking. Exporters commonly add Trademod in order to instantly calculate freight prices for their goods.