Параметры морских контейнеров:



Внутренняя длина:

Внутренняя ширина:

Внутренняя высота:




Вес контейнера:

Максимальный вес груза:

13560 m

2452 m

2684 m

2343 m

2670 m

85,0 m3

4180 Kgs

29820 Kgs


Containers are used in the supply chain to transport large shipments, bulky goods, and heavy items:

  1. unpackaged;
  2. in lightweight blocks;
  3. packed.

They are also in demand in modular construction, where they may be used to build large warehouses, industrial buildings, and agricultural facilities. The container is flexible and cost-effective due to the fact that it is equipped with all of the specific gripping components required for dealing with professional loading systems

Several advantages include:

  1. Low operating costs - only minor maintenance and repairs are required.
  2. Extremely high mobility.
  3. Designed for the transportation of a wide variety of goods.
  4. When changing modes of transportation, there is no need to reload the goods.
  5. It is simpler to handle the transportation of goods when containers are used.

This container's specifics are as follows:

  1. Steel beams are used to construct the frame.
  2. Corrugated profile constructed of low-alloy steel for the side walls and ceiling
  3. A double door with a bar lock.
  4. A rubber seal around the perimeter of the door ensures that the door remains tightly closed.
  5. Steel U-beams and corrugated film faced plywood help compensate the floor's construction.
  6. The container's sides are all equipped with fitting feet, which are secured with screws.