Freight, shipping and chartering glossary

سهام ایمنی
Reserve stock, below which the level of stocks for this product should not fall.
مواد نجات
مواد استفاده نشده که دارای ارزش بازار است و می تواند فروخته شود.
مواد اسقاطی و اوراق
Defective material that has no market value and cannot be sold.
Screening charge
Surcharge related to airport terminal screening.
خط حمل و نقل دریایی
Transport document used in shipping. The cargo is issued to a specific consignee specified in the sea waybill if he can document his identity, and at the same time, he doesn’t need to present his original copy of this waybill.
Security Filing
The importer or their agent is required to electronically submit information relating to the shipment. This term is used in the USA.
هزینه جداگانه
هزینه ای که یک شرکت می تواند مستقیما به بخش خاصی از کسب و کار اختصاص دهد.
The defined, regular pattern of calls made by a carrier in the pick-up and discharge of cargo.
قرارداد خدمات
A contract to optimize the flow of services provided by enterprises to consumers, rendered to each other by partners in the supply chain, as well as intra-company flows.
عامل کشتی
An authorized person (individual or firm) performing certain actions on behalf of another person (principal) on his behalf and in his interests.
An intermediary that facilitates the execution of retail transactions between interested parties (customers) on their behalf and at their expense.
A load of goods sent by sea, road, train, or air.
نقطه حمل و نقل
یک مکان خاص از جایی که کالا برای حرکت حرکت می کند.
عامل شرکت کننده
یک شرکت که در درجه اول به حمل و نقل کوچک، به ویژه بارهای مجدد ترافیکی تک ترافیک، اجازه می دهد تا حمل و نقل برای استفاده از نرخ دوچرخه تلگراف piggyback.
Shipper’s Letter Of Instruction (SLI)
A note from the exporter to the freight forwarder with instructions on how a shipment is being sent and where it is going.
Shipping Quote
A document that breaks down the individual legs of a shipment and the surcharges each will incur, as per your freight quote.
Shipping Types
Different levels of service that you will use to fulfill your orders.
صورتحساب گمرکی ویژه
In addition to a customs invoice, some countries require a special customs invoice designed to facilitate the clearance of goods and the assessment of customs duties in that country.
سفر نقطه
A charter for a specific vessel to move a single cargo between indicated loading port(s) and discharge port(s) in the near future.
کشتی گیر
Specialized organizations and firms engaged in loading and unloading ships.
Cost of storing cargo in an off-site warehouse.
انبار کردن
The placing of goods in the cargo areas of ships with the aim of leveling it or stuffing under-deck voids. It is usually used when loading bulk and break bulk cargo.
Surcharge associated for breaking down a container.
اضافه بها
هزینه اضافی برای هزینه های قابل اجرا؛ وسایل نقلیه موتوری دارای هزینه اضافی هستند و راه آهن می تواند هزینه اضافی برای هر نرخ مشترک که 110 درصد هزینه متغیر را تامین می کند، اعمال کند.