Freight, shipping and chartering glossary

Επικίνδυνα αγαθά
Transported content that may pose a risk to safety or health and requires increased attention during its transportation.
Έγγραφα κατά της αποδοχής
Instructions that the bank gives to the person who is involved in the shipment. They contain information that documents that transfer the right to own a particular product should be delivered to the buyer only after the buyer accepts the attached project.
Έγγραφα κατά της πληρωμής
in international trade - an arrangement in which someone can collect imported goods only after paying them at the bank and confirming payment.
Δηλωμένη τιμή μεταφοράς
Η αξία των εμπορευμάτων, που δηλώνεται από τον φορτωτή με φορτωτική, με σκοπό τον καθορισμό του ναύλου ή του ορίου ευθύνης του μεταφορέα.
An organization that provides packaging for orders, goods, etc.,
Αναβαλλόμενη έκπτωση
An arrangement whereby a carrier reimburses a percentage of the total freight cost to shippers who transfer their goods for a specific period (usually six months) to the carrier. This refund is paid at the end of the period.
Οδηγίες παράδοσης
A special document that the carrier receives so that he can pick up the goods.
Παραγγελία παραγγελίας
A special document issued by the customs broker to the sea carrier as an argument for the delivery of goods by one of the parties.
Penalty for misuse of free time that is allocated to load or unload cargo.
A characteristic of physical indicators that measures the weight of a cargo per unit volume or pounds per cubic foot.
Ρυθμός πυκνότητας
Dependence of cost on such characteristics as weight and density of the cargo.
Κράτηση στη φυλακή
Penalty for misuse of free time that is allocated to load or unload cargo.
Unloading contents from a container or other equipment.
Delivery Fee
Depending on the type of cargo, it is determined for how long the payment for delivery will be contracted.
Duty Disbursement
Expenses of agents that they incurred in port.