Export Calculator

Is a special application for trading companies that instantly determines a full price of selling goods internationally with freight costs, taxes and customs clearance between any destinations already taken into account.

Why do you need Export Calculator?
Calculator time

It’s a unique tool that frees you and your managers from constantly making rate requests and dealing with complicated logistics calculations.

Calculator money

This innovative platform does all the complicated calculations for you and allows to concentrate really important and bring you revenue: direct sales!

Calculator frendly

Our specialists can modify the application to fit the individual needs of every company based on such things as packaging, product types, preferred destinations, etc.

What's Export Calculator?'

It is a web application for instantly providing full export costs and immediate freight arrangement, as well as for marketing products in the network.

How it works?

Put simply, it is a shipping calculator for your products. Export Calculator automatically determines and shows the price of goods with freight, customs and taxes included.

How are prices formed?

SeaRates works with logistics partners and service providers worldwide. Trending carriers offer competitive freight rates and create a one-stop shop for managing freight and logistics.

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Advertise your product

Export Calculator already takes freight rates from Logistics Explorer, but they can be integrated more tightly to advertise products of trade companies on the websites of freight forwarders. Market your goods to a targeted audience of business owners who already ship goods internationally! Export Calculator can also be integrated with Route Planner to enable your customers to keep track of the goods from their manufacturing directly to the final destination.