SeaRates Updates - Week 42-44, 2018

Nov 04, 2018 Stefan Rogovskiy Stefan Rogovskiy

The second half of October was held for the whole team and partners tense in different directions. On the one hand, work continues on the interface and content, accelerating the improvement of the quality of the visual part, materials and functionality. Minor bugs fixed and main server stability improved.

As it was predicted by Sergey Dzhashytov 10 years ago, the logistics industry is rapidly moving to digital format. More and more participants from different countries are beginning to merge into this process, more and more investors want to direct their resources to technology in the field of transportation - Google search will not let you be mistaken. Without automation, companies are doomed to lag. Ignorance of all this becomes simply impossible.

Logistics Explorer 2.1

What updates did users get with automatic upgrade to version 2.1? They are described in detail on the platform page. Three main events worth noting are:

  1. Promotion of freight forwarders and carriers on the platform with the possibility of direct chat with the customer;
  2. Improved functionality of import Excel tables with rates,
  3. An improved algorithm for finding the optimal terminal for multimodal transportation with the construction of alternative routes.

In subsequent versions, a deeper integration of tariffs with calculations of the cost of goods in international trade is being prepared, as well as a specialized division of the platform for sea, air, raod and railway traffic.

Online pricing system

It is about pricing for goods in international trade. The Logistics Explorer platform is becoming an increasingly integral part in shaping the final price of the product, including delivery. Today it allows you to move to a new stage of productivity and allow a potential buyer to add selected goods to the Shopping Cart, then see how their cargo will be loaded into a container / truck / wagon, evaluate the efficiency of delivery and designate a specific carrier for transporting your cargo.

The system will work both in terms of product promotion on and with the possibility of integration into the exporter / shipper’s website, where the latter will be able to connect / disconnect transport companies from his site at his own discretion in order to determine the participation of their tariffs in calculating the price of their goods for final buyer

The fixed bug with leased containers

Over the course of time, we received letters from users stating that they could not track some specific containers in the tracking system and stumble upon an error. The reason for this feature of leasing containers with common prefixes (TCLU, TGHU, TCNU, GESU, GLDU, SEGU, DFSU ...) which with equal probability can belong to any shipping line, respectively, tracked by different algorithms.